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Total Joint Replacement

Are you suffering from joint pain due to arthritis and osteoarthritis? The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County’s team of Board Certified and Board Eligible Surgeons are here to help you find the relief and recovery you deserve. Let us help diagnose and treat you with the latest, most efficient and effective surgeries and procedures.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery allows us to remove damaged portions of arthritic joints and replace them with a metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis that replicates a normal, healthy joint and promotes movement and a return to a normal lifestyle.


Arthritis involves the swelling and damage of the body’s joints. The condition causes pain and stiffness and limits joint movement. Because the hips are major weight-bearing joints, they are at risk for osteoarthritis, or degenerative arthritis.

This condition usually occurs due to the normal wear and tear of aging, but can also result from a traumatic injury to a joint. In osteoarthritis, the layer of cartilage that protects the hip joint wears away, causing bone spurs to form and leading to pain in the hip, inner thigh, buttocks, and knees.

Treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, and physical therapy, however, in severely damaged joints, surgical procedures are often necessary.

Mini Total Hip Replacement

This procedure uses a small incision to replace the diseased and damaged portion of the hip joint. Patients feel less pain and recover more quickly compared to patients who undergo traditional hip replacement surgery, which requires a longer incision. While this procedure uses specialized surgical tools, the implants used are the same as the ones used in traditional surgery.

Revision Hip Surgery

This surgery replaces worn artificial hip parts and damaged bone with new metal, plastic or ceramic components. The new components restore normal hip joint stability.

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