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Hand, Upper Extremity & Microvascular Surgery

Dr. Kohn is an orthopedic surgeon fellowship trained in hand, upper extremity a microvascular surgery. Since 1985, his practice has been limited to non-surgical and surgical management of all aspects of the hand, elbow and upper extremity. He completed his orthopedic residency at the combined Sinai/Johns Hopkins Hospital program in Baltimore, Maryland and spent a year at the world-renowned Curtis Hand Center in Baltimore, where he developed his passion for the treatment and reconstruction of the hand and upper extremity in both children and adults.

As an upper extremity specialist he treats conditions, which include immediate care of an injury, treatment and reconstruction of old injuries, congenital problems, arthritis, infections, tumors, growths, over use syndromes, nerve compression’s and microsurgery for re-attachment of amputated parts. He also does arthroscopy and joint replacement of fingers, wrist and elbows.

Dr. Kohn has extensive training in the state of the art surgical treatment, but his philosophy is to exhaust all conservative and non-operative treatments, including medication, injections, occupational therapy and custom splinting prior to recommending any surgery. He also believes in being available to talk with patient on a regular basis.

Dr. Kohn is Chief of Orthopedics Surgery at JFK Medical Center and has been appointed to the Official Disability Advisory Guidelines Advisory Board. Dr. Kohn was voted one of the Top Hand Surgeons by US News & World Report.