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You should not disregard ankle pain. As a matter of fact, if you have been enduring ankle pain for quite some time now you should contact a Foot and Ankle specialist for a consult. Don’t wait until the pain gets worse. There are many different treatments for ankle pain but one of the most popular is arthroscopic ankle surgery. In this type of surgery, a tiny camera will be placed inside the joint. Via tiny incisions, broken structures can be repaired since the instruments such as shavers and other cleaning instruments can be used to remove scar tissue and other debris that cause pain and limitation of motion. Also, small anchors can be placed that can enable the surgeon to repair torn ligaments that have created instability to the ankle.

Damage to The Ankle Cartilage

Individuals who incurred ankle joint injuries often experience ankle cartilage damage. Five percent of individuals who have a sprained ankle ended up with cartilage damage. When there is damage to the cartilage and you leave it untreated, the damaged areas will develop into generalized joint arthritis. In such a case, ankle arthroscopy is used to evaluate the extent of the damage while at the same time restore the cartilage back to its joint. This can be done by repairing the damaged part by stimulating the growth of new cartilage through microfracture techniques, or by new chondrocyte implantation.

Presence of Bone Spurs in The Ankle Joint

Are you familiar with footballer’s ankle or athlete’s ankle? Another term for that is anterior ankle impingement syndrome. This is a result of bone spurs that have formed at the anterior part of your ankle jaw causing your ankle to pinch every time you push your foot in the direction of your shin. Now, arthroscopic surgery is possible to remove the bone spur and restore movement of your ankle joint.

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