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Injuries and diseases affecting bone and joint health are common among Americans. Did you know 1 in 5 adults suffers from arthritis, which takes a severe toll on joint health, causing pain, swelling and lack of mobility? Osteoporosis is even more common than arthritis. 1 in 2 woman and 1 in 4 men in the U.S. will develop osteoporosis, which causes bones to become fragile and break. Bone and joint health is not something that should be taken likely.

The good news is that adding a bone and joint supplement to your daily routine can help prevent the development of bone and joint diseases, or alleviate some of the symptoms you’re experiencing if you’re currently living with a bone or joint disease.

How can supplements help?

When it comes to bone and joint health supplements play an important role for your body. While a healthful and balanced diet is essential for supplying the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to live well, it can be challenging to get everything you need from your diet alone. This is where supplements can come in.

Like every other living tissue in your body, your bone and joints need the right combination of vitamins and minerals to perform at their best. A well designed supplement can help you fill in the nutritional gaps you’re missing in your diet, and provide your body with the building blocks needed to strengthen your bone and joint health.

Think of a supplement like fertilizer for a flower. A flower can survive with water and soil alone, but once you add a fertilizer designed specifically for the needs of that flower, it can thrive.

What supplements can I trust for my bone and joint health?

OrthoDoc Labs Bone Support and OrthoDoc Labs Joint Support are two supplements that are doctor recommended to help support your bone and joint health.

These once a day supplements are formulated by a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and contain a blend of essential minerals, vitamins and plant extracts that are carefully designed for maximum potency and complete nutrient absorption into your body.

OrthoDoc formula also contains high quality ingredients and they use strict quality controls in the manufacturing process to ensure they are delivering the best supplement every time for your bone and joint health.

We’ll dive a little deeper into each supplement to give you a better overview of these products.

OrthoDoc Labs Bone Support

OrthoDoc Labs Bone Support was formulated to help you maintain a strong healthy bone structure now and throughout your life.

This supplement is packed full of quality ingredients like calcium citrate, which is well known to support bone health, as well a vitamin D3, vitamin C, folic acid, copper, and zinc just to name a few.

OrthoDoc Labs Bone Support will help to rebuild and maintain your bone quality, increase your mobility, and protect yourself against future injuries. This is a great option for anyone to add to their daily routine, but is especially important for individuals that are at risk for osteoporosis as it will help to remineralize bones and reduce the risk of fragility fractures.

OrthoDoc Labs Joint Support

OrthoDoc Labs Joint Support is an innovative joint health formula that will help people experiencing joint pain and swelling get back on their feet. This formula has key ingredients like ginger, licorice root and boswellia that help control inflammation, revitalize cartlidge, provide antioxidant support, and maintain muscle strength.

OrthoDoc Labs Joint Support will be highly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or another degenerative joint disease.

While not always top of mind, bone and joint health is something that a person of any age should be conscious of and take steps to keep their bone and joints in top shape. Adding a supplement from a trusted product line like OrthoDoc Labs is a simple way to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal bone and joint health. If you’d like to explore adding OrthoDoc to your supplement routine contact us today. OrthoDoc Labs products are only available through your healthcare provider’s office like the OCPBC clinic.