OCBPC Appointments

When you’re scheduling your first physical therapy appointment, you might be nervous because you’re unsure about what to expect. Physical therapy is a wonderful tool that can help treat a range of conditions, from pelvic floor dysfunction to neurological problems.

As you prepare for an appointment, you may have questions running through your mind. Will it hurt? Is it only for people who are physically fit? Will the therapist be patient with me?

Physical therapy is, first and foremost, a rehabilitative tool designed to help you regain whatever it is that you’ve lost due to injury or illness. Whether you’re in pain and need relief or simply hope to strengthen your muscles because they’ve weakened, physical therapy may be the answer. It is for people of all ages and sizes, so don’t let any insecurity stop you from scheduling an appointment.

Your physical therapist will use a range of tools to help you feel healthy again. Whether it’s applying a heating pad, ice, or stimulating your muscles with electrical impulses, your damaged muscles will be treated by the therapist. You may also spend time using exercise equipment, lifting smaller weights and using resistance bands.

You can feel safe with your care in a physical therapist’s hands because they’re uniquely trained to help you recover. Physical therapy licensing varies from state to state, but physical therapists spend years in school before they can treat you. In Florida, they are licensed by the Florida Board of Physical Therapy.

You may be wondering how long physical therapy will take. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and you won’t know until you’ve had a consultation with the physical therapist. It depends on how Frequently you’ll be seeing the therapist, how serious your injuries are and a range of other factors. Some patients may need physical therapy for a few weeks, while others may need rehabilitation for years.

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