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The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County is proud to welcome Dr. Juan Agudelo, the newest member of the OCPBC medical team.
Dr. Agudelo is a fellowship trained, board certified hip and knee reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years of experience in the orthopedic field.

His extensive knowledge and considerable experience in this area allows him to treat a great number of orthopedic and sports-related conditions right here at OCPBC. His expertise involves anterior hip replacement as well as several other minimally invasive hip and knee replacement procedures.

Interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Agudelo? Call OCPBC today at 561-967-6500 for more information about our hip and knee procedures or continue reading to learn more about anterior hip replacement.

What is Anterior Hip Replacement?

In anterior hip replacement, an orthopedic surgeon removes damaged or worn out hip joint cartilage that has been impaired due to injury or disease, commonly osteoarthritis. The surgeon then replaces the old cartilage with a prosthesis, or artificial joint, with the goal of relieving pain and restoring normal mobility for the patient.

In contrast to the more popular posterior hip replacement approach, anterior hip replacement does not require splitting or dividing muscles and tendons in order to gain access to the hip joint.

Instead of making an 8-12-inch incision just above the buttocks, one or two shorter incisions- typically 4 inches long, are made at the front of the hip. This type of frontal entry makes it possible to reach the joint by working in between the muscles, rather than cutting and then reattaching the muscles after the joint has been replaced.

What are some of the advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement?

Due to the smaller incisions and more specialized instrumentation utilized in this procedure, it offers significant advantages over the traditional posterior approach. Advantages may include:

• Minimal disruption to soft tissue
• Reduced post-operative pain
• Faster rehabilitation time
• Less scarring
• Decreased risk of hip dislocation
• Better range of movement
• Less post-operative restrictions
• Shorter patient hospital stays

Is Anterior Hip Replacement right for me?

Many people suffering from arthritis, hip pain, limited hip mobility and joint stiffness may benefit from anterior hip replacement.

Where can I find anterior hip replacement in Palm Beach County?

Interested in learning more about Dr. Agudelo’s anterior hip replacement procedure or any other knee and hip replacement surgeries that OCPBC has to offer?
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