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The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County’s Dr. Gerard D’Ariano has been performing the Kyphoplasty procedure since its inception over 15 years ago. He is an expert in this procedure as well as in the field of reconstructive spinal surgery. Dr. D’Ariano performs Kyphoplasty procedures conveniently and safely in our state of the art fluoroscopy at OCPBC’s Lake Worth office.

As one of OCPBC’s leading reconstructive spinal surgeons, Dr. D’Ariano is dedicated to performing Kyphoplasty, a proven effective method of treating the debilitating pain of thoracic and lumbar compression fractures. The procedure, also referred to as Balloon-Assisted Vertebroplasty or Vetebral Augmentation, has been shown to not only dramatically reduce chronic back pain, but also to enhance vertebral height while restoring proper vertical alignment of the spine.

Kyphoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that does not require incisions, and utilizes a small needle to inject medical grade bone cement. The cement stabilizes the bone, thus reducing pain and the chances of further collapse and deformity. Dr. D’Ariano’s procedure uses local anesthetic and a mild oral analgesic, and takes between 10 to 15 minutes.

Kyphoplasty: The Procedure

Kyphoplasty is a medically advanced surgical procedure, so it is likely that blood tests will be taken the day before surgery. Imaging tests such as X-Ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) help surgeons like Dr. D’Ariano visualize the area or areas that need repair.

In preparation for Kyphoplasty, an IV will be placed into the arm to deliver anesthesia. Patients may receive pain and anti-nausea medications as well as antibiotics to prevent infection. Patients will then be connected to heart, pulse, and blood pressure monitors for the remainder of the procedure.

The first step of Kyphoplasty will involve Dr. D’Ariano inserting a hollow needle (trocar) into the patient’s skin. With the aid of fluoroscopy, Dr. D’Ariano will guide the needle through the muscles and into the correct position in the bone.

Next, an inflatable balloon will be inserted into the trocar. The balloon will then be inflated to create the space needed for the bone cement. Once opened, the cement mixture will be injected to fill it up. Imaging tests will guide Dr. D’Ariano confirm that the mixture is distributed properly. Once the cement is in place, the needle will be removed.

Stiches are not necessary, but the area will be bandaged. Lastly, your IV and monitoring equipment will be removed. If only one vertebra is being treated, Kyphoplasty usually takes less than an hour.

Post-Op Recovery

Following the surgery, patients will stay in the recovery room for a short period of time. Patients may be encouraged to get up and walk within an hour of the Kyphoplasty procedure. Typically, patients experience some level of soreness after their surgery.

Patients may be able to go home later that day. However, an overnight hospital stay may be necessary if:

  • The procedure involves more than one vertebra
  • There were any complications
  • A patient is in poor health

Patients will be advised when they can resume normal activities and may be encouraged to take any bone-strengthening supplements or medications. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to monitor progress. An ice pack can help relieve any soreness or pain, but patients often feel better within 48 hours following the Kyphoplasty procedure.

Kyphoplasty at The Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County

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