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Dr. John Levin specializes in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County. He performs minimally invasive procedures, such as ankle arthroscopy, endoscopic surgery for heel pain, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for chronic conditions, including tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and chronic pain syndromes.

He is Board Certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Levin has been the Director of the Podiatric Surgical Residency Program at JFK Medical Center since 1996. He graduated from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine in 1986 magna cum laude.

OCPBC’s Dr. Levin is certified in limb salvage surgery, including complex reconstructions of infections and failed surgeries. Since 1994, Dr. Levin has been helping OCPBC patients reach their maximum health potential through medically advanced surgical techniques and comprehensive therapeutic treatments.

Dr. John Levin DPM

Treating Sports Injuries with Orthopedic Surgery at OCPBC

On April 28th, 2015, Dr. Levin treated well known Crossfit athlete Krystal Cantu for an injury sustained during a workout.  She suffered a common sports-related injury known as a Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal.

In athletes, Jones fractures can have non-union rates as high as 25%.

To allow for a rapid return to sports, it was crucial for Cantu to think and act fast.

On May 19th, Dr. Levin chose to proceed with bone grafting, a surgical procedure used to fix bones damaged from trauma or problem joints. Bone tissue transplants are commonly used to fill a void where a bone is absent or help provide structural stability.

Due to the severity of her Jones fracture, Cantu’s condition required the use of bone grafting and plate and bone screws for stabilization.

OCPBC’s Dr. Levin carried out the procedure that would save her limb, and allow her to play sports again. Following her surgery, Cantu underwent physical therapy which allowed for a rapid recovery.

In just two months, Cantu returned to the Crossfit Championships for training. To this day, Cantu remains a dedicated and hardworking athlete with a remarkable will to compete.


Krystal Cantu

Photo courtesy of KrystalCantu.com

More About Krystal Cantu

Krystal Cantu is a 26-year-old American athlete and Texas native best known for her dedication to Crossfit and competitive sports.

In April of 2013, Cantu was introduced to Crossfit for the first time by her then-employer Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas. She immediately fell in love with the sport and discovered she had the physical strength and dedicated mindset necessary to be a competitive athlete and compete in the Crossfit’s most prestigious and high-level competition, The Games.

On August 2, 2013, at just 23 years old and a week away from competing in the Games, Cantu and her boyfriend David were involved in a car accident that resulted in the amputation of her right arm above the elbow. When a tire blew, David lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip several times. Cantu’s right arm was crushed between the vehicle and the road.

After waking up in the hospital, doctors alerted her that all blood vessels in her right arm were destroyed in the accident and could not be replaced. To save her life, they amputated her arm at the middle of her humerus.

Determined to stay dedicated to Crossfit, Cantu returned to the gym in just a few short weeks. In order to get back into shape, she adjusted to her new situation and is now a proud Adaptive Crossfit Athlete.

Krystal Cantu

Photo courtesy of BodyBuilding.com

Three months after her accident, Cantu began her first competition as an adapted athlete at the 2013 Working Wounded Games.

“Adaptive athletes prove that anything is possible,” she says. “We let everyone know that it’s okay to look different… because you are just as strong as the person everyone considers normal”.

Cantu’s physical and mental strength have allowed her to accomplish more than she ever thought possible after her amputation, and she owes it all to her passion for Crossfit. By overcoming an obstacle most people could never imagine, Cantu’s story serves as a powerful motivator and reinforces the idea that failure truly is impossible.

To learn more about Krystal’s health and fitness journey, visit her website.

Krystal Cantu

Photo courtsey of KrystalCantu.com




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